Dedicated to serving the Muslim Community and fulfilling their lifelong dream of performing Hajj and Umrah. Our director, Faieka Sandan is a trusted individual who grew up in the traveling industry She has now undertaken to serve Allah’s guest with dedication and made it her honor.

She has gained invaluable first-hand experience from her Mom
Jasmine Martin of Yasmine’s Travel And Tours, a veteran in this field for 32 years and counting. Faieka Sandan, has, through the years taken Hujjaaj on Hajj and Umrah as well as Leisure Trips. These groups amounted to 300 + people. She has been the Munatthim (person solely responsible for all aspects regarding Hajj) through high and low seasons for Yasmine’s Travel for many years. Leisure trips include Turkey and Egypt.

Al Hod Hod is a SAHUC Accredited Hajj Operator for 2019.